Our Philosophy

We collaborate with our clients to create moving entertainment experiences that ignite every event. As a vendor, Moreland-Young Entertainment takes the lead in communicating with our partners to produce a seamless experience. 

Our Work

We believe that musical entertainment acts as both catalyst for and tapestry to any event. We have created and developed our acts to be energetic, versatile and entertaining. From team building to rehearsal and talent development, we invest in our artists to ensure that our clients receive the best musical entertainment available.

The Moreland-Young Promise

We have earned the trust of our clients and vendor partners because every day we make good on our promise to operate a client focused, organized, creative entertainment business. 

You Can Expect From Us

  • Prompt and consistent communication
  • Meticulous attention to the minutiae of each event
  • Positive interactions with every member of our team
  • Face to face sales and planning consultations
  • Custom made event itinerary to share with all vendors
  • Fun and collaborative creative sessions with our bandleaders
  • All of your guests raving about YOUR event entertainment!